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We help entrepreneurs, directors, brands, agencies, marketing gurus, post houses, tv networks develop digital products and create video content that builds audiences. 

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Crux is the workplace of the future - now. We operate in a 100% virtual environment to harness the talents and expertise of our team without geographic or time-zone constraints. We measure success by how well we deliver on our mission and the happiness of our people. We are a global collective of thinkers, writers, designers, animators, illustrators, visual effects magicians—set on creating engaging, visually compelling narratives that have been attracting audiences since 2011.

Being one of the pioneers of the remote, global collaborative business model we have now matured to a stage where even the biggest brands in the world put faith in our Creative Teams. We worked very hard to get to that point and our everyday mission is to continue earning that trust.

Are you a remote creative? We're hiring!

Reliable connectivity and faster internet speeds were highlighted in the survey as key to unlocking a successful remote workplace.

Read the full article here.

About us


We are the creative extension of your team and provide as much support as your brand needs for the task at hand.

We are a remote creative organization that utilizes technology to it's fullest potential to meet and exceed client's expectations in terms of process and project management.

We believe in the power of total collaboration and transparency, always learning and trimming processes to align with our clients' business goals.

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” — MORPHEUS

Crux is a digital media and product company delivering projects for enterprise level and Fortune 500 companies for the past 10 years. We have proven big brand/ agency/ digital product and video production professionals with typically 10+ years of experience. Working in all industry areas, from digital to content, these artistic mavericks bring new ideas and challenge the norm. Our Creative Directors have been working with them for many years, establishing that trust needed for a production team to deliver consistently and on time.

Global connectivity and technology is enabling our colleagues and collaborators to be scattered around 3 continents. There are mini-hubs in London and Boston from where we lead project and have account directors but the rest of the team works from the comfort of their home offices.


This disruptive remote business model enables us to tap into the very best talent, and assemble a team of creatives with the right creative skillset needed to execute the project. In this way we are trimming the fat and passing the savings back to you without ever compromising on our quality and the project timeline commitments. 

Would you like to find out more about our process? Please shoot us a note with the link below and we will send you a PDF.

“ In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and - SNAP - the job’s a game! ”— MARY POPPINS

Your growth and business success is also ours. We get a kick out of watching you grow and we will be with you for the whole journey.


3 Physical Locations

107+ collaborators on 3 continents

37 dogs, 15 cats, 2 parrots and one lizard in the CRUX family

Are you a creative looking for remote work?





Partner / Creative Director

Design & Motion Graphics


Founder/ Designer. I am a dad, husband,  creator, explorer, visual challenger and a habitual taco connoisseur.

Location: Boston

Email here


Partner/ Commercial Director


I'm a people's man– true spread sheet enthusiast and a maker of lists. I strive to connect to people on a human level and make things happen.

Location: London

Email here


Customer Success


Experienced Business Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Location: London

Email here

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 2.41.54 PM.png


Partner/ Creative Director

VFX & Event Design

Senior VFX Supervisor and Creative Director in anything related to commercial grade visual effects. Dedicated to my craft and allergic to the "Let's fix it in post" mentality. Herbal tea gets me through shoots. 

Location: London

Email here

Scott Kominski.png


Director Product

& User Experience

Creative thinker with a passion for translating complex ideas into simple, frictionless, and consumer-friendly digital products. 

Location: Boston

Email here



Producer N. America

A seasoned producer with a one track mind on getting projects done on time and meeting all client's needs. Enjoys a good mulled wine and a chill book on the weekends. 

Location: Boston

Email here

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