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Below are some examples of projects we've completed in the tech sector. This comprises of digital products, different platform brands and gaming / crypto.

Types of videos

Here are some different types of motion graphics videos that we usually create. We handle script writing for you and VO talent auditions, animation, music and finishing providing you with a turnkey video that is ready to be shared.


Product Demos




Microsoft Storefront

A video to spread the Christmas Cheer at the Microsoft Flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City.


Data Engine — Social Video promoting data warehouses and specific technologies that are tailored specifically for clients.

Martha Stewart Studio

A highlight reel created to promote the Martha Stewart Brand in-house design agency and the work that they have created. This video was used at their annual conference as the introductory video.

Martha Logo Kiss

DXC Technology

Three video series promoting technologies in different industries. This project was created for The Economist digital magazine to be published along with an article promoting the DXC brand and raising its brand awareness.