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Collection of pharma projects Crux has completed over the years.

Biomet Vanguard

We were challenged in visualizing the new Biomet technology and their reimagined knee replacement system. Our approach was clinically minimal, and we let the object and the material that it's made of speak for itself.

Biomet Vanguard

Abbott Labs

Crux was tasked with visualizing the modularity of the Abbott labs configuration system. This video was part of a more comprehensive effort to explain the different layout systems that Abbott offers. This content premiered at the annual conference meeting in Chicago.

Abbott Laboratories instrument layout

Fidelity Investments

Part of a 5 video series called Thinking Big, a projection of future technologies that will shape our future. This installment deals with the innovations in the medical industry. 

Fidelity Investment — Thinking Big Campaign

Biologic Visuzalization

Artistic rendering of a biologic traveling through the body. This is only one short excerpt from the whole video. Our client prefers that the context of the video to remain private.

Biologic Render - Client X


Bayer saved at least $10 million after taking programmatic in-house

Big pharma is side stepping traditional agencies in favor of more nimble production shops.


Brand video created for Nuskin's product called AgeLOC. This video was translated into 7 languages and numerous cut downs were created for social media outreach efforts.

AgeLOC Brand Video — Nuskin

Biologic UI

We designed and animated the UI representation for a Biologic being scanned and detecting affected areas.

Biologic UI Client Z


Testimonial video of patients that have managed to control their HAE symptoms after trying the drug.

Biologic and Biosimilar comparison. Client Y Agency

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