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TATA Motors / Toyota Motors

TATA Motors

 TATA is the India's largest automobile manufacturer that  continues to take the lead in shaping the Indian commercial vehicle landscape, with the introduction of leading-edge powertrains and electric solutions packaged for power performances and user comfort at the lowest life-cycle costs. 

Rogue for TATA Motors

Tamo for TATA Motors

Our concept centred around blurring the line between virtual and reality in today’s connected world of the Internet Of Things and the Netflix Generation. Our ambition was to communicate the story behind the new concept, brand and car, as well as highlighting key associations with the Microsoft Forza video game. Once we’d created the car in virtual CGI we were able to take the audience on a journey, blurring between the lines of driving by night on the city roads and the virtual race-track world of Forza.


We used the RED Dragon 6K camera, 360 cameras and the latest drone technology to film in ultra-high definition for the backplate and lifestyle footage. With the prototype of the car still under-wraps and unable to be driven, we created a hyper-real Virtual CGI visualisation of the Racemo car.

The team worked fast (and furiously) through creative, storyboarding, production, filming, and post-production - turning around brief to delivery in 12 weeks.

Toyota New England

Promo for the black 10 day deal running in New England. The three cornerstone pillars of Toyota's customer assurance and customer care program.

Black 10 Day Event for Toyota Motors, New England

Concept Art & Process

Concept Rig 1

Concept Rig 2

These are motion tests of the initial passes of the rig and the competitor. We were trying to capture the strength and stability of the three pillars.

Texturing & Environment

From the start of the project we were planning on putting the trusses in an open space, lit up like a billboard under the starry sky. The client changed their minds later on and the final spot changed into a daytime environment. 

Motion Test

The motion test's sole purpose is to inform on the exact timing of the spot and what will be happening when. Once the client approves this low fidelity preview, then we move onto the final stages of production which is 3D rendering and compositing.

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